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Hyper Low Gin – 100ml

Gin Elixir. Spirit of extraordinary intensity handcrafted in a completely natural way following a secret distillation technique. Full Proof, non chill filtered. This elixir is able to release with only a few drops the deepest soul of the gin spirit. Hyper Low Gin represents an authentic form of distilled gin and is a game-changer in the world of no-alcohol and low-alcohol drinking. Try the first and only true non-alcoholic Gin&Tonic* Add 1 ml of Hyper Low Gin to 200 ml of your favourite tonic water. One bottle of Hyper Low Gin will make 100 Hyper Gin & Tonics.

* By law, the alcohol content of less than 0,5% vol is considerated non-alcoholic. Each milliliter of Hyper Low Gin contains 0,7% vol, so your Hyper G&T will only have a 0,35% vol of alcohol. However, it will release all the flavor of juniper and the classic taste of real Gin & Tonic.

Limited Edition – Copper Strength

Our limited releases are born from a cultural syncretism, the will to join and harmoniously blend worlds that are different and distant from one another.

Limited Edition – Slow

Our limited releases are born from this cultural syncretism, the will to join and harmoniously blend worlds that are different and distant from one another.

London Dry Gin – 700ml

Our London Dry exemplifies perfectly what the terroir is, expanding the boundaries of Gin.

Old Tom Gin – 700ml

Unusual Gin, with a strong identity. The boundaries between spirit categories overlap giving life to a unique product, with a strong appeal to both its history and our Tuscan terroir.

Tasting Kit Winestillery

• Tuscan Vodka (100ml) • Tuscan Vermouth (100ml) • London Dry Gin (100ml) • Old Tom Gin (100ml)

True Tuscan Negroni Set

• 1 London Dry Gin (700ml) • 1 Tuscan Vermouth (750ml) • 1 Tuscan Bitter (700ml)

Tuscan Bitter – 700ml

Natural botanicals from the Tuscan Tradition infused in wine alcohol. Non chill-filtered. Natural bright ruby red color. Nose: wide and intense with aromas of gentian root, rhubarb and china with inviting citrus notes. Palate: intringing and extraordinary balanced, bright bitter notes enriched by a balsamic breath and fresh citrus zest. A long lasting finish with a very clean mouthfeel, result of the naturalness of its ingredients.

Tuscan Dry Vermouth – 750ml

Trebbiano wine from both ripe grapes and late harvested grapes, infused with traditional Tuscan botanicals. Non chill-filtered, no caramel used. Color: Golden yellow with bright shades. Nose: very intense, wide and complex. Delicate floral notes of white flowers, vibrant fruity aromas of orange fruits married with fresh herbs. A long lasting finish with zesty citrus notes. Palate: very elegant, round and silky mouthfeel. Yellow fruits married with dried flowers and herbs. A long mineral finish with a bright sapidity. The authentic Tuscan Dry Vermouth.

Tuscan Vermouth – 750ml

Extraordinary Vermouth, iconically Tuscan, with a complex botanical appeal but at the same time extremely familiar and comforting in taste.

Tuscan Vodka – 700ml

Unique Premium Vodka, strongly linked to our Tuscan terroir and at the same time a perfect example of its category.