Enrico Chioccioli Altadonna

Second son of the famous Enologist Stefano Chioccioli, Lawyer and Master Distiller, Enrico has abandoned his legal career to pursue his passion for distillation. After graduating with honors in Law at the Catholic University of Milan, he left for the U.S. to go to work for a Bourbon distillery in Brooklyn, NY.

“It was the first time in my life I was face to face with an still, an extraordinary experience made in contact with extraordinary people, to whom I will always be grateful and of which I still treasure an indelible memory”.

Back in Italy, his passion led him to Conegliano at the E. Cerletti Wine School, where he studied the art of distillation and became a Master Distiller.
Immediately afterwards he decided to cross the Alps to go to study enology at the University of Bordeaux, the famous I.S.V.V., where he obtained the D.U.I.O. diploma in oenology. Shortly thereafter, he formally becomes a lawyer in Florence but his stay does not last long because he leaves again for France’s region of Cognac for another distilling experience:

“Working in 3 different distilleries, in the land of one of the most famous spirit in the world, was a dream come true; I finally managed to combine the two passions that always been part of my life: wine and distillation! ”

This experience marks him irreversibly and pushes him to hang up the lawyer’s suit to devote himself completely to his personal project: the creation of Winestillery! So, after long years of study and waiting, he succeeds in opening with his family and his brother the first and only independent craft distillery of the Chianti Classico region.

Niccolò Chioccioli Altadonna

Niccolò, second generation of oenologist of the Chioccioli family, embodies our passion for great winemaking. Graduated in Viticulture and Oenology at the same University of his father, he learned from him knowledge and sensitivity for wine.

“It was my father who stimulated my curiosity, who encouraged me to try and distinguish between the multitudes of flavors and aromas of the Italian grapes, to recognize qualities and potentials for each wine.”

Niccolò is the Wine Production Manager of our Family Estate. With his long viticultural and oenological experience, he has managed the vineyards and the cellar of our Family Estate since the very beginning, following all the delicate phases of the production of our wines, soul of our spirits that is the base of every Winestillery product. All our products originally come from our wine, so only the careful attention to the winemaking can create our extraordinary base spirit.

Niccolò has a strong market background too, with more than 30 states visited under his belt: “Travelling has always been a constant need for me. Meeting people from every corner of the world, I find very enriching discovering and understanding different cultures and lifestyles. I also love traveling because it inevitably shapes your person and consequently influences the way you see the production too, giving you the chance to question yourself every time”.

Stefano Chioccioli

Stefano Chioccioli, world famous oenologist and agronomis, has been working for prestigious wineries in Italy, France and Hungary for over 30 years. The wines he has signed during his consulting activity have won numerous awards and prizes such as: more than 100 wines with Tre Bicchieri on the Gambero Rosso guide, numerous 90+ points in Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Advocate magazines, up to reach 100/100 attributed by Robert Parker.
He is a member of numerous organizations dedicated to viticulture and oenology and various tasting commissions. He is the one who embodies the oenological knowledge of our family, his great experience is an inexhaustible source of analysis and comparison.

For him, Winestillery is a new stimulating adventure, in which his knowledge both in the wine world and in the agronomic world are essential and represent a strong asset of this truly unique project.

“Winestillery led me to analyze the production of wine according to new perspectives, pushing this noble product towards a purpose that goes beyond itself, bringing it to its sublimation, that is its transformation into a spirit. This new family project represents a new challenge, which I embrace with enthusiasm “.

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