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Style : Old Tom Gin
Production : 500L Pot Still, Carter Head e Bennet technique at the same time. After the distillation, the gin is infused with fresh Sangiovese grape marc. Non filtrato a freddo, colore naturale


27,5% Vol. | 700ml


Body: Silky and velvety.
Nose: a floral bouquet of violet and fresh red berries, morello cherry and wild strawberries mingle with scents of Juniper and warm spices.
Palate: The perfect union between the classic taste of gin and the vinous sensations is shown in its fullness. A silky sip alternates between red pulp fruit, notes of plum and berries, combined with the typical pungency of juniper and the freshness of aromatic herbs. The first of its kind, a truly provocative product!

Additional Informations

Starting from one of the paragraphs of our Grape to Glass Manifesto, namely the constant experimentation and exploration of each category of the world of spirits, we have created a new product category, a liqueur based on Gin and fresh Sangiovese marc.

On the one hand, our SLOW Gin represents a Tuscan interpretation of traditional English Sloe Gins, on the other a new way of exploring our local traditions through the enhancement of the grape marc in a product other than grappa.

Velvety and sinuous, SLOW has an overwhelming pleasantness, its great dynamism makes it suitable for all preparations and consumption. A unique product in the world, which, as its name suggests, asks to be savored slowly, one sip after another.

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