Limited Edition – COPPER STRENGTH


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Style : : Full Proof London Dry Gin
Distillation : 500L Copper Pot Still, Carter Head and Bennet technique at the same time.
Bottled full-proof, 70% vol. Non chill-filtered for a superior taste.


70% Vol. | 700 ml


Body: Silky with a full-body, dense, and bright texture.
Nose: Extraordinarily intense and subtle, despite the high alcohol content. Wide and layered, balsamic notes of the forest, delicately citrus, with a sweet breath of juniper that opens up to a pleasantly herbaceous freshness.
Palate: Surprisingly delicate, despite the deep volume and intensity. A soft warmth accompanies the sip till the end. A heat that unbends without ever being aggressive and that turns into a deeply balsamic breath. Rich and velvety, very pure and bright. Notes of aromatic herbs, citrus peel, ginger married with hints of Assam tea combined with resinous notes of Juniper. You have never tasted a gin like this!

Additional Informations

Starting from one of the paragraphs of our Grape to Glass Manifesto, namely the constant experimentation and exploration of each category of the world of spirits, we have created a new category of London Dry, which represents the overcoming of the classic Navy Strength.

This category has been called “COPPER STRENGTH” since the spirit is bottled at the proof we get directly from the Copper Pot Still at the end of the distillation.

The packaging shows a pale green tone in the background color reminiscent of our classic London Dry, while in the negative there is a large “X”, recalling the old system for classifying the alcohol strength of spirits divided into “X” “XX “” XXX “.

Copper Strength is characterized by an out-of-the-ordinary aromatic and gustatory intensity, but at the same time it shows a surprising delicacy, the result of the very high quality of the raw ingredients and the precision of the distillation. A product that was created to warm up the soul, as the phrase on the back label states: “Unteamed Spirit for Fearless Souls”.

Additional information
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