vermouth made in italy craft

Vermouth: born and raised in Tuscany

Tuscan Red Vermouth

The tradition of Vermouth in Tuscany has very ancient roots, strongly linked to its history of production of high quality wine and to its cities that were the vital center of the spices trade. Although it is undeniable that the Vermouth has had in Turin the “baptism of renown”, its birthplace is not equally sure. There are ancient texts of the eighteenth century, in fact, which meticulously describe the production of Vermouth in Tuscany, which existed and was consumed regularly for its stomatologic and medicinal properties. Both the famous Tuscan doctor Villifranchi in his “Enologia Toscana” of 1773 AD, and the famous “Pharmacopoea Taurinensis” of 1736 AD cite these productions of Tuscan “vinum absinthites”. Our Tuscan Red Vermouth is inspired by the flavors of that time, and tries to explore the tradition with the aim of giving it a new impetus

Our recipe is simple: a careful selection of fine wines combined with the best botanicals of Tuscany. Finally, for our red vermouth we decided to refuse the use of caramel or any other color, thus keeping intact the natural ruby mantle of the prince indigenous grape of Tuscany.

The result is an extraordinary vermouth, iconically Tuscan, with a complex botanical appeal but at the same time extremely familiar on the taste.

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