Gin old tom made in italy

Old Tom Gin: a classic, reinterpreted

Old Tom Gin

The Old Tom is a style of Gin of great popularity in England between the 18th and 19th centuries. It was in particular characterized by a very sweet taste, thanks to the addition of sugar to the spirit carried out in an attempt to disguise its pungent taste due to the defects of the distillation of that era. Before the invention of the column still, in fact, it was much more difficult to achieve a sufficiently high level of rectification of the basic spirit and it was therefore necessary to correct unpleasant taste notes by using additives that soften its flavor. Starting from this point, we tried to keep intact the suave and mellow style of this ancient gin, but purifying it from the addition of any sweetener. We have therefore researched among the ingredients of the Tuscan tradition, the botanicals of our countryside that were naturally sweet and that could give a persuasive body to our gin while keeping its nature intact.

In the end, in order to emphasize these characteristics and according to the customs of the past, our Old Tom makes a brief rest in French oak barriques, where our wine has previously been elevated, for even a more silky and round mouthfeel

The result is a both an unusual and identitarian Gin, where the boundaries between the spirits categories tend to overlap to give life to a unique product, with a strong appeal to both his origin and our Tuscan terroir.

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